CCLD Engineering has the proven experience to provide quality, capacity, and state of the art technology, while meeting demanding schedules and providing clear budget controls. Utilizing LiDAR technology coupled with tried-and-true methods of data collection, CCLD applies custom airborne and mobile mapping applications creating fast project design with the accuracy needed for any large program. Our experienced consultants find ways to optimize your first, middle, and last mile fiber deployments and can offer complete turn-key project management solutions. We offer enhanced engineering solutions through forward reaching GIS services to add value to your projects.


CCLD’s dedicated design team is comprised of OSP/ISP experts with proven records in project management, design and CAD. Our client base includes all the major carriers. We drive results even in the most challenging markets whether you are a private company, LEC, CLEC, PPP, or dark fiber company. Our secret? We use the latest technology and tailor-made applications to effectively do more with less providing tangible cost-savings with our over 100 years combined experience.

✓ Complete Engineering, Digital Design, 3D Modeling, 4G/5G Upgrades, and Server Based Data Hosting

✓ Custom Planning and Project Profiling

✓ All Outside/Inside Plant Project Design Formatting

✓ Network Design for Long Haul, Local Feeder, and Distibution Design

✓ CBB Engineering

✓ Complete Staffing Services

✓ Large and Small Full Project Management

✓ Nationwide Disaster Relief and Reconstruction Services

Blueprint detail from isometric view with depth of field
Engineering tools on technical drawing
Infrared thermovision image showing lack of thermal insulation on Residential building
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CCLD’s Design on the fly program provides the most advanced mobile/airborne base mapping solutions in the telecom industry. The field crews direct mobile and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) platforms equipped with a suite of sensors, cameras, IMU, and survey equipment to digitally acquire and host feature coded objects, such as overhead utilities, poles and apparatus, manholes/handholes, and assorted telecommunication components within the public right of way.

The final delivered product can be viewed using a standard Geographical Information System (GIS) or a customized database viewer. Using customizable software and high speed data, which is server based, hosted, and delivered through hosted access. You will be able to accurately measure (@2cm) any field component, item of infrastructure, or obstruction, within a complete grid and view high resolution images – front, back, and overhead – of any asset or object along the running line or mapped path. On average, 100 miles takes 3 weeks from acquisition to final design, providing the deliverable in an Autocad, Microstation, and virtually any other formatted database.

Mobile Mapping for your every need!

High-speed scanning of 700,000-1,000,000 points-per-second provides detailed 3D images of objects along the set driving route.
Add 30 MP of combined camera resolution and capture the high-resolution image data of 360 degrees around the vehicle for a feel as if you were right there in the field.

CCLD has been improving the way large and small Telecommunication companies not only capture data, but use it to improve efficiency and maximize what you can do with the final product.

We provide a wide range of LiDAR Collection Services using our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Terrestrial Units and Mobile Mapping Vehicle that will capture over 80 miles per day of design criteria.

As a Microsoft partner, your data is accessible 24 hours a day, and provided in a secured SOC I/II Military Grade Redundant Format.

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Custom Software

Over the years CCLD has learned that commonly used, off-the-shelf LiDAR software fails to address the complex needs of a large-scale deployment. As a result, we specially made (designed, produced, programmed) our software to ensure that it was the right fit for any need our clients may have. Our team of programmers and GIS professionals can design a tailor-made product in any geospatial, database or CAD format you require. Even if you haven’t established one we can help you with our seasoned OSP consultants who can advise on how to build what makes the most sense for you.


The storage and management of large enhanced engineering datasets can be daunting. We have professionals trained and ready to handle your data with the utmost care. CCLD offers to host your data through the cloud or if you prefer something more local we have a wide range of options for you.

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